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Celebrating 17 Remarkable Years of TLC Angola!

We are truly honored to share some highlights from our TLC Angola Cocktail Party that commemorated our incredible journey over the past 17 years on the 23rd of November at the Hotel Trópico in Luanda, Angola.

This event provided a dynamic forum for knowledge exchange across various facets of the oil and gas industry. The night was filled with a vibrant atmosphere, productive networking, and constructive discussions about the future.

We express our sincere thanks to our #sponsors and all participants for their invaluable contributions to the success of this memorable event. A special note of gratitude goes to the distinguished participation of the Eminent Ambassador of Switzerland to Angola, Mr. Lukas Gasser, accompanied by his esteemed spouse and Counselor Mrs. Nathalie Boesch.

Furthermore, we take this opportunity to reflect on TLC Angola’s incredible journey through nearly two dazzling decades of growth, innovation, and unwavering dedication.

Founding Years

Back in March 2006, we set foot on Angola’s soil with a vision fueled by Swiss mountain mentality and audacity. We embraced the challenge! Our first significant triumph was managing logistics for the pipe coating plant in Luanda from mid-2007 to mid-2008 — an unforgettable debut on the big stage. The industry noticed, and TLC became synonymous with reliability.

Angolan Footprint

Over the years, we expanded our footprint to Cabinda/Malongo, Soyo, and Lobito, proudly planting TLC flags across the map. In 17 years, we’ve become a respected player in Angola’s oil and gas industry, building solid relationships with port operators, partners, and local authorities.

We weathered storms like the oil crisis and the recent Covid ordeal, emerging not just standing but standing stronger than ever. Credit for this resilience goes to our incredible team of over 110 dedicated members —the heart and soul of TLC

Our Vision

But wait, there’s more! We innovate. Introducing version 2 of our ERP – TIS, a powerhouse that elevates our Kanban boards and KPIs. Additionally, we’ve crafted a platform dedicated to monitoring personnel movements and visas Husbandryportal.

With TLC, you’re not just getting a logistics provider; you’re gaining a dedicated partner. We genuinely care about your needs and are determined to actively contribute to your success.

Here’s to many more years of success, laughter, and a few more audacious ventures!