TIS is a highly qualitative management and operational tool, developed in-house by TLC, that provides state of the art and compliant, operations, administration and audit systems.

The TLC Information System (TIS) enables our staff to monitor your operations and projects at any given time. From ETA to final delivery of the cargo, all steps are recorded in the system.

More than an operational tool, TIS allows to know in real time the financial exposure. Third-party disbursement fees (outlays), including back-up documentation are handled via the Electronic Document Management System, allowing full transparency and control.

Customised operational, financial and administrative KPIs are also obtained from the system.


TLC TIS Husbandry Portal

The portal has been designed to created and follow-up husbandry operations, such as visa applications, flight and hotel booking, and local transport request all in 4 steps. Live information available through a secure, personalized link.

Create Operation requests with just 4 steps, and follow-up on their processing

Manage the staff involved with mass import of easy member deactivation

Stay in control over the files you share for each staff member

Get rid of emails and keep track of actions with centralized communications

All your operations in one glance with analytics dashboard

Benefit from GDPR compliant platform, with secure storage and easy data management

Everything you need for crew change management, in one place.