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Equatorial Guinea: Extension of TLC ’s bonded warehouse licence

Dear Client, Dear Business Partner,

We hereby have the pleasure to inform you that TLC has recently been granted the extension of its bonded warehouse licence to the entirety of the Equato-Guinean territory, and not only for Luba as was previously the case. In substance, it means that TLC can store material, spare parts, equipment, etc… under bonded warehouse for the account of its clients on the whole EG territory. Note that your company does not need to be registered in Equatorial Guinea to benefit from the said regime, since TLC will be in charge of keeping the record of in-out movements and securing the equipment in a closed area. You can therefore retrieve the goods depending on your needs.

Please contact us for any further information and for a competitive pricing.

In a nutshell:

  • Bonded warehouse in Luba Free Port, hangar at Malabo airport and any other location on the territory (Bata, etc…)
  • Not mandatory for your company to be registered in EG
  • Equatorial Guinea can be used as a hub to store your material for whole WAF