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The TLC Group’s response to COVID-19

Dear Client, Dear Business Partner,

In the context of the COVID-19 expansion, we want to reassure all our clients and stake-holders that the TLC Group is fully committed to ensuring employee and customer safety, as well as operation and business continuity.

To that extent, we have put, but not limited to, the following measures in place:

  • The TLC Group has tasked a senior director at the TLC head Quarters to coordinate actions internally with all country Managers and QHSE Team members, to implement the best-known guidelines available and monitor the situation daily,
  • The TLC Group has deployed a Code of Conduct on Covid 19: all the TLC staff is therefore operational, either in the respective in-country offices following guiding principles on basic virus protective measures, or where possible working remotely, via secured connections. The teams remain as usual available via their mobile phones, skype or e-mails. Virtual meetings will be favoured and all business-related travels cancelled until further notification,
  • The TLC Group follows the World Health Organisation guidelines as well as specific country-related official instructions from Ministries of Health, Immigration etc., available upon request, and is adjusting its processes where fit, accordingly. We are keeping our clients informed on a regular basis as regards the evolution of in-country specific situations.
  • Emergency Response Plans and Business continuity plans are updated for all TLC locations in order to ensure maximum safety and security for all the TLC staff, all the TLC operations and the interface with clients.
  • Our customised ERP, TIS, ensures continuous data replication between TLC operations in-country and the TLC servers at the Head Quarters, ensuring full operations continuity.

Finally, the TLC Group is committed to maintaining the highest quality of service during this troubled period without disruption and thank you for your confidence.


Philippe Masserey