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Service performance reservation due to COVID-19

Dear Client, Dear Business Partner,

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a series of guidelines to be followed to slow down the spread of the virus, now implemented worldwide. In all countries where the TLC Group operates, governments have announced the closure of their border for passengers.

Consequently, the TLC Group may be able to perform crew changes but within the limits of the prevailing local circumstances, and some delay may also be expected for vessel and cargo clearances due to the fact that fewer officials are actually present in the administrations.

However, the TLC staff is available and operational, either in the respective in-country offices following guiding principles on basic virus protective measures, or where possible working remotely, via secured connections, for the non-operations-critical roles. The teams remain in contact via their mobile phones, Skype or e-mails. Virtual meetings are being encouraged and visits to the TLC offices should be withheld.

We are monitoring the situation very closely in each country and will continue to regularly keep you informed via direct e-mail, newsletters, the TLC website and the TLC LinkedIn page.

At the moment, the WHO is not able to foresee how long this pandemic will last, but we hope that that the spread of the virus COVID-19 will slow down in the next few weeks and that we can all come back to a normal life.

Yours Faithfully,

Philippe Masserey

Chief Executive Officer