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TLC EG News – Float-on operation / Luba  

We are thrilled to announce a remarkable float-on operation that exemplifies TLC’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and seamless execution.

Following the completion of their project in the Ivory Coast, the Topaz Driller jack-up platform is placed onto the Heavy Lift Seaway Falcon, bound for Singapore.

Our TLC EG team oversaw clearing and transit procedures for all units involved, including HVL-Seaway, TOD, and assisting tugs, with thorough preparation, rigorous coordination, and steadfast dedication.
Additionally, our chartering department has chartered one of the assisting tugs for this operation.

We extend our gratitude to everyone on the team whose hard work, dedication, and experience enabled this achievement. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and their ability to overcome challenges with grace and resilience are truly commendable.